Fast credit financing – Quick Car Loan

Need to buy a new vehicle, urgent need to carry out work, irrepressible desire to travel … Projects are not lacking in a lifetime. And often, it is necessary to act quickly so as not to miss a good opportunity to realize one’s dreams. Our tips for getting a fast credit .

Quick credit: forget about classic bank branches

Quick credit: forget about classic bank branches

Anyone who has already borrowed money from a bank, whether for a real estate project or for a consumer loan, knows that the approaches to conventional financial institutions are long and fraught with problems.

A new solution is now available for anyone looking for express project financing: online credit via CreditUs Loan. Approved by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR), this credit platform offers not only a fair and competitive rate, but also and above all a fast credit.

Get funds in record time


Indeed, the user enters the usual information of civil status and income including the amount of the desired loan. At the end of his online application, he will already benefit from an answer in principle.

With its electronic signature module and dematerialization space to load the documents necessary for the constitution of the file, the operation takes only a few minutes. Within 24 business hours, a definitive answer is sent by SMS or email. The funds will then be released in record time.

24h credit: a simple and easy credit

easy credit

There is no need to justify the use of funds for this type of credit online. It is possible to borrow up to € 40,000 without leaving your computer. It is therefore no longer necessary to request an appointment with the bank advisor, to wait for a passage in loan committee, to sign a loan offer before waiting until the end of the withdrawal period.

Based on a shared model in which a willing investor community a community of borrowers, the credit CreditUs Loan intermediaries emancipates a cost of reasonable credit. This express credit is made with ease and discretion. Ideal for financing an urgent project.