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Get a more carefree everyday life with Suresafe insurance that covers your installments on your car loan, should you be unlucky to lose your job or get sick.

A Suresafe insurance is your way to make sure your installments on the car loan are paid even though you should be hit by accidents and not be able to pay off the loan yourself.

Suresafe insurance works in such a way that if you get an accident or suffer from illness, the insurance will cover your monthly benefit with interest for up to one year .

This you should know

This you should know

Suresafe insurance covers you by:

  • 100 percent sick leave for more than 30 days
  • 100 percent unemployment for more than 30 days
  • Hospital admission for more than 7 days
  • Death

For both hospitalization and sick leave or unemployment, there must be speech respectively more than 7 and 30 consecutive days.

Meet Tanja, who one day needed her Suresafe insurance when she was driving wrong by car.

Inability to work can be anything that keeps you incapacitated for 30 days – both illness and accident, incl. accidents that happen in your free id.

What does a Suresafe cost?

What does a Suresafe cost?

Suresafe insurance costs 8 percent of your monthly benefit. More technically, it is the amount that comes when you multiply your monthly benefit on your financing by the number of installments.

Suresafe covers the service, interest and fees, so that the insurance takes care of your entire outstanding to Pinochio.

You must pay your Suresafe insurance monthly in arrears, and the payment is collected at the same time as the payment of your financing. Together with your payment, non-life insurance tax is charged to SKAT of 1.1 per cent of the part of the insurance fee that does not relate to death cover.

Santander covers your monthly payment on your car loan for up to 12 months per month. period if you become involuntarily unemployed, temporarily incapacitated or hospitalized. If you become unemployed or incapacitated several times, we pay up to 36 months in total – however, you have to go through the qualification period for unemployment again.

The first withdrawal from Pinochio falls after 30 days of continuous involuntary unemployment or temporary incapacity.

Almost every other customer who picks up a car loan at Pinochio chooses to buy Suresafe insurance.

When does the insurance come into effect?

insurance money

The insurance agreement comes into effect when you have said ‘yes’ to take out the insurance and provided the necessary information. The insurance expires automatically the year you turn 75.

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Unemployment, termination or notice thereof within the first 180 days after the insurance has entered into force is not covered. In order to receive benefits, you must have been working the previous 12 consecutive months for at least 16 hours a week and have been involuntarily unemployed for 30 consecutive days.

In order to receive benefits, you must be employed as an employee or as an independent employee.

Temporary incapacity for work that occurs within the first 30 consecutive days after the insurance has entered into force is not covered .

What if I’m already sick?

insurance money

If, at the time of purchase, you know or should know about future unemployment, illness or personal injury that later causes you to report involuntary unemployment or temporary incapacity, your Suresafe insurance will not cover.

You can read more about Suresafe insurance here.

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