Why Is The Credit Broker Market Growing?

At a time when many sectors are still suffering from the effects of the economic crisis, the mortgage brokers market continues to grow . In 5 to 7 years, the share of credit amounts negotiated by these professionals, should reach 50%, according to the latest studies by Xerfi and Insight Global. Back on the various arguments in favor of brokers.

A real estate market conducive to renegotiation

“The context is favorable to future buyers, the only element that can seize the machine is the rise in prices,” says director of communication and studies of Empruntis, Cécile Roquelaure.

With historically low rates, a widening of the zero-interest loan (PTZ) and the maintenance of the Pinel scheme, the real estate market in France is part of a ” beautiful dynamic in 2016, both in the new, the old and rental investment “, as emphasized by Immoprêt.

Faced with this favorable economic environment, borrowers are turning more and more to the expertise of brokers to get the best bank offers – whether it’s renegotiating their credit or signing up for a brand new real estate loan. . All candidates for the acquisition of a property wishing to benefit from their bargaining power and the time savings associated with this solicitation.

A partner approach valued by banks

A partner approach valued by banks

Contrary to popular belief, the expertise of brokers is not feared by banks. With this partnership, banks see it as an additional channel to get new customers .

To them then, to establish the best offers to support those of their competitors and thus, win the adhesion of the borrowers represented by the brokers.

In other words, for banks, the use of these professionals makes it possible to gain new customers and save time – bankers and intermediaries speaking the same language …

Optimum security of borrowing conditions

Optimum security of borrowing conditions

Finally, the very young real estate brokerage business is structured over the years , organizing itself into a large network, while offering new security guarantees to borrowers.

Just like the association , responsible for issuing a “work permit” to all intermediaries in Insurance, Banking and Finance. To obtain it, these experts must pay registration fees and fulfill certain conditions (respectability, age, financial guarantee, professional capacity, etc.).

And for the control of their activity, there is the Prudential Supervisory Authority and Resolution (ACPR) , backed by the Bank of France, having the possibility of taking measures of administrative police and having a real power of sanction.

So many reasons and organizations empowered, to reassure borrowers and encourage them to take advantage of the expertise of brokers, to negotiate their mortgage.

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