Canvas work

A Ukrainian artist has transformed an abandoned Russian military tank into his canvas in the midst of war | world news

In what is described as an inspiring move to choose ‘art over war’, Maxim Kilderov, a Ukrainian graffiti artist who lives in the southern town of Nova Kakhovka, used an abandoned Russian military tank as a cloth. The photograph of Kilderov’s work was tweeted by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry in recognition of its intention to convey a message of peace. “Ukrainian artist Maksym Kilderov, who lives in the temporarily Russian-occupied city of Nova Kakhovka, has turned the abandoned armored personnel carrier into an art object. “In a city where you can’t get a canvas , burned tanks are the best canvas”, Kilderov said. (sic)” – reads the tweet.

According to a CBS News report, Kilderov plans to sell the photographs of the graffiti on postcards for charity. The Ukrainian graffiti artist has nearly 6,000 Instagram followers and runs a “Kilderov for Humanity” website. “Art object – BMP from Enemy abandoned for charity. Entries will be converted into aid for citizens of Nova Kakhovka,” the website’s homepage reads.

“On the morning of February 24, Nova Kakhovka was occupied by Russian troops. The volunteer organization Humanity was established on the 3rd day after the occupation and the start of the siege,” the website further states.

He added that the work of the organization is supported by donations across the world and after the end of the war, the account balances will be diverted for the reconstruction of Nova Kakhovka, mainly for cultural development.

Praise was poured on social media in tweets.

Nova Kakhovka is home to a strategic hydroelectric power station. On the second day of the Russian offensive, satellite images released by Maxar Technologies showed Russian forces gathered near the power station. And on Friday, the Kakhovka city council was seized and Pavlo Filipchuk was appointed mayor of the city by Moscow.

“Today, April 1, several dozen armed servicemen of the Russian Federation and local residents entered the premises of the executive committee of the city of Kakhovka. All employees of the city executive committee who were at work at that time were gathered in the meeting room and had their cell phones seized, they were told that the city authorities, who are currently organizing all the work in the community, are not coping with their duties. The Russian military has informed them that Pavlo Filipchuk will lead the city from today,” the city council’s press service said in a statement on Facebook.