Azza Fahmy returns to Qatar in partnership with Fifty One East

Azza Fahmy Jewelery has announced its return to Qatar. After a four-year hiatus, the design house “is thrilled to be reselling again in bustling Doha” by partnering with Fifty One East, Qatar’s favorite department store, appearing as a two-point concession store separate sales outlets, one being at Lagoona Mall and the other at Doha Festival City, a press release noted.
In line with Azza Fahmy’s regional expansion plan, the resumption of the partnership with Fifty One East “comes at a great time for the brand,” the statement said.
The store prides itself on being a “prime destination for connoisseurs of sophisticated style”, making it the perfect location for the brand’s long-awaited return to Doha.
Azza Fahmy jewelry is characterized by its intricate craftsmanship, preserving techniques used thousands of years ago.
Each piece is masterfully handcrafted to tell a unique story to its wearer while incorporating different cultures and turning them into wearable art.
The design of each creation revolves around an inspiring motif or a poem that carries a personal message to its wearer, making calligraphy one of its distinctive codes, in addition to being a pioneer in the combination of silver and gold.
Commenting on the brand’s return to Doha, Managing Director Fatma Ghali said: “Qatar continues to grow, and at Azza Fahmy we are delighted to be part of that growth. In partnership with Fifty One East, we have the opportunity to present pieces that have been carefully selected to complement the Qatari customer.
“We are very happy with the long-awaited return of Azza Fahmy to Doha,” she said. “Not only does this mark a new chapter in the brand’s continued evolution into an internationally recognized household name, but we also look forward to providing our valued Qatari clientele with greater accessibility to our parts.”
Showcasing Azza Fahmy’s intricate masterpieces, Fifty One East at Lagoona Mall and Fifty One East Watches & Jewelery store in Doha Festival City will showcase a mix of his latest designs alongside classic favourites.
“With a wide selection of carefully selected rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants, there’s sure to be a piece to compliment him and her,” the statement read.