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Finance the purchase of a car

With the PlusLend Car Loans, you can request between 6,000 and 72,000 euros to finance the purchase of a car, with great flexibility and many amenities to pay monthly fees.

If you have told me I am penniless or need money urgently to buy a car, this personal loan from is what you were looking for, since it also includes the financing of vehicle registration fees and car insurance.

In Spain, the data shows how there is one vehicle in circulation for every two inhabitants, which means that it is one of the most important investments, apart from housing, for Spaniards.

The particularity is that both the Car Loan and the Home Loan are subject to the economic and personal characteristics of each client.

So if you are with financial credit institutions or enrolled in any other list of delinquencies for having unpaid debts, it will be more difficult to access this credit. Since the entity will conduct a study of your personal and financial situation before deciding the terms of your personal loan.

The term of repayment or repayment of the loan is established at least 12 months, and with a maximum period of 96 months, that is, a monthly fee that includes a proportional part of the loan plus interest for 8 years.

As for the interest rate, if you are going to apply for the Car Loan you should know that it is established from 6.25% of TIN, with the APR or final real interest being 7.16%.

Conditions and how the Car Loan works

Conditions and how the Car Loan works

Regarding the conditions of the Car Loan of, it does not have any commission for study or repayment or repayment of the loan in advance, although on the page of the entity establishes an opening commission to consult.

Thanks to this type of personal loan without an endorsement, you do not have to worry about presenting any kind of guarantees, and you can also receive a personalized offer. And you can negotiate the conditions with the bank to adapt these to your financing needs.

To request the Car Loan you can go to one of the offices located mainly in the center and southeast of the Spanish territory. But you can also go to Ruralvía ​​online remote banking service or from the mobile phone with the application of the entity.

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