BTSC Survivor Pool Update: NFL Week 12 Results

Behind The Steel Curtain’s pool of survivors continued into Week 12 last weekend as the picks get harder after many better teams have already been used. With four fully packed leagues with 100 entries, the fifth league finished with 46 participants. Although there were technically 446 entries in total, I had one entry in each league as a commissioner, so there were 442 different competitors. Hundreds have entered, but only one can return home with the signed Joe Haden Football.

The most common selection for Week 12 was the Philadelphia Eagles versus the New York Giants. The Giants kept the Eagles’ offense in check throughout the game, allowing just one touchdown in the fourth quarter and upsetting Philadelphia who knocked out three of the remaining eight contenders.

The next most popular picks were the Dallas Cowboys against the Las Vegas Raiders on Thanksgiving and the Baltimore Ravens against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night. The Raiders had the better of the Cowboys in overtime, which knocked out two contenders while the Ravens emerged victorious from a lousy game against the Browns and sent two people out until Week 13.

The only other game that was chosen in Week 12 was the Atlanta Falcons against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who sent one final contender until Week 13.

With only three remaining candidates, I think they deserve some recognition. First, I have a small consolation prize (and I mean small, but that’s at least something) for the two remaining contestants who don’t win the grand prize. The pseudonyms of those who remain in their leagues are:

And … we’re back
Bruce% 20M
joe mudd
Joshua Primo Pickax Set

Thus, after twelve weeks, only 0.67% of admissions remain. If you’re still alive, be sure to enter your pick early so you don’t get knocked out due to lack of selection. This is your reminder, so go take your pick now! Even if you are the only contender remaining in your league, be sure to make the selection in order to stay in the competition for the overall title.

Weekly update:

Next matches of week 13:

  • The most favored: LA Rams (-12.5) at home against Jacksonville
  • Closest match: Las Vegas (-2.5) at home against Washington
  • The Steelers match: Pittsburgh (+3) at home against Baltimore

Bye: Panthers, Browns, Packers, Titans

(all lines courtesy of as of 11/30)

So this is it ! Be sure to check back on Behind The Steel Curtain to stay up to date on the contest. Even if you haven’t entered or have been knocked out before, feel free to register and see how you would have fared each week.