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Can you get Microsoft Paint for Mac?

If you’ve been a Windows user all your life and recently started using a Mac, you should start to like it, despite the initial learning curve. However, you may be missing a fundamental Windows program, Microsoft Paint. And we can understand why.

Many of us have fond memories of Microsoft Paint and would love to have it on our Macs as well. Unfortunately, you can’t get Microsoft Paint directly on your Mac, but we’ll discuss some great alternatives below.

Why is Microsoft Paint not available for Mac?

Maybe you were hoping there was an option to get Microsoft Paint on your Mac. I mean, we all have dreams, don’t we? Paint was perhaps not the best image editor. However, despite its slowness and limited functionality, it is one of the most widely used graphics applications. This is mainly due to its ease of use, even for the most novice beginners.

Since Microsoft Paint is created directly by Microsoft as a built-in Windows feature, it is not available for macOS, and we don’t expect it to ever be released for Mac users. However, there are a few workarounds, which we’ve outlined below.

Get Microsoft Paint on Mac by Installing Windows

If you really want Microsoft Paint on your Mac and don’t want to opt for an alternative, a possible workaround is to install Windows on your Mac and use Paint that way.

Installing Windows is easy on Intel Macs using Boot Camp. It’s a little trickier on newer Macs running Apple silicon chips (M1 or later) as they don’t have Boot Camp because Windows can’t run on the ARM architecture. In this scenario, Parallels Desktop allows you to install Windows on your Mac M1 using virtualization software. However, the software is paid and will cost you $79 per year if you choose to use it.


On the other hand, there are plenty of Microsoft Paint alternatives available for macOS, many of which work better and let you do a lot more than Paint.

The Best Microsoft Paint Alternatives for Mac

Here are some Microsoft Paint alternatives available on macOS.


Brush on macOS

Paintbrush is a simple, easy-to-use app that does exactly what you think it would do: it lets you draw on a canvas. It works quite similar to Microsoft Paint, which is why we think it’s the best alternative available on macOS. The app also lets you easily draw different shapes, use the paint bucket tool, and more.

To download: Brush (Free)


GIMP on macOS

Whether you’re drawing or editing images, GIMP is a good free alternative to Microsoft Paint. GIMP’s interface lets you draw on a regular canvas, similar to what you would do in Paint. It also has options for different brush styles and colors. The app also has advanced features like Paint Bucket Tool, Magic Wand Tool, Text Tool, etc. if you want to experiment with them.

To download: GIMP (Free)


First pose in Krita

Krita is another good alternative to Microsoft Paint, with a clean and user-friendly interface. The developers market it primarily as a drawing app, which means you should like it if you’re a fan of drawing in MS Paint. If you’re looking to take it a step further, Krita also offers image manipulation tools that you can use to edit your photos. The interface may seem a bit complicated at first, but there are plenty of tutorials online to help you.

To download: Krita (Free)

Painting for macOS

Unfortunately, you can’t get Microsoft Paint directly on your Mac, but there are a few workarounds you can use. These include installing Windows (if you’re really a die-hard Paint fan) or using a third-party app instead.

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