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Chalk Art Sundays Live in San Ramon | News

Chalk drawing by Andrea Johnston. (Picture added)

Sundays this spring and summer will be a little more colorful for visitors to San Ramon’s downtown Bishop Ranch, as the venue hosts live chalk art demonstrations starting this weekend.

Chalk drawing by Lisa Jones. (Picture added)

The events, held once a month through August, showcase the talent of a handful of Bay Area artists who will create one-of-a-kind pieces in front of visitors strolling Alexander Square.

“City Center is a place where art is created and enjoyed, Live Chalk Art events celebrate that with the community,” said Chuck Martinez, CEO of Sunset Development Company. “Last year we had Live Art Thursdays where artists painted large canvases in front of a community audience. It was so popular that we decided to add chalk art to continue this tradition of live art events.”

Martinez said that in addition to seeing the artists work on their pieces, visitors have the opportunity to talk to the artists as they create and learn the stories behind the works on display.

Each of the participating artists – Joel Yau, Clif Gold, Genna Panzarella and Christine Pasadis – have been creating chalk art for at least a decade and have been hand selected by Urban Canvas Custom Street Painting’s Lisa Jones, who also participates.