Print lives! Few elements of a wedding can make more impressions than a well-designed invitation, according to Kaitlin Sockman. “I want this to be an experience for the recipient to open up,” says Sockman, founder and owner of Ink & Ivory, a creation studio. “It really sets the tone for your wedding. People really appreciate having something unique, something that feels like someone has put a lot of love, effort and thought into the design…. and the assembly thereof.

Ink & Ivory checks all those boxes: For over a decade, the design studio has been helping couples represent their weddings with beautifully articulated branding on personalized invitations that are endlessly customizable in the typeface, the design and a hundred other details.

Ink & Ivory

“There are a lot of steps to putting together these personalized invitations,” says Sockman. “In these stages, each invitation has its own individual quirks, and it feels like [it was] laborious to assemble them. After all, that’s what you want in a wedding invitation, right? “That says to your recipient, ‘You are important to me, this event is important to me, and I hope you can come,” Sockman adds. Although she provides full invitation design and production services, which earned her second place in the Stationery category, readers recognized Sockman specifically for his beautiful calligraphy.

Sockman began to design invitations for friends’ weddings. “Then I connected with a few [wedding] planners, and it snowballed from there, ”says Sockman, who enjoys working with planners because it allows him to ensure a cohesive design throughout the wedding. “They organized things, and then we kind of label the whole event,” she says. “It’s a little buttoned up.” Well-designed programs, menus, and thank-you notes can be just as important as invitations.

Ink & Ivory

Sockman solicits ideas from couples that carry over into the design process, including working backwards from a mood board or Pinterest board, but she says current trends include the use of textures. unique paper or even unusual materials including plastic or leather, or the addition of translucent vellum. for printed packaging labels. “Everyone has seen it so many times that they want to do something new and unexpected,” she says.

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