Custom window treatment brand NiceTown launches online store

LOS ANGELES, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pretty town has been manufacturing curtains and other window treatments for over two decades. Now they’re ready to bring their creativity to the world with an online store where customers can fully customize their choices and determine the stock needed. With flexible payment options and fast delivery, NiceTown is changing the way people think about buying curtains and other window treatments.

The highlight of the launch is NiceTown Custom 3 Layer Soundproof Blackout Curtains, a 3-in-1 product that blocks 100% light and UV rays, attenuates sound and absorbs dust. The product is perfect for heavy sleepers, early-rising readers, light-sensitive people and babies who need to sleep peacefully.

NiceTown waterproof curtains are also sure to impress customers. Unlike blackout curtains, waterproof curtains have an invisible, water-resistant layer on both sides. These curtains will be preserved from heavy rains or the fiercest snowstorms. Add the double grommet and you will make your curtains much more weather resistant as they will stand still against the wind.

In addition to offering high quality products, NiceTown prides itself on the speed with which it can manufacture and ship orders. Since NiceTown is a manufacturer and not a reseller, customers will have their curtains shipped from the factory to their door in just 10 business days. NiceTown has what it takes to deliver on that promise: with over 700 highly skilled employees and decades of accumulated experience, they oversee their own development, IT, logistics and e-commerce branches.

Window treatment customization at its finest

By offering buyers the ability to fully customize every aspect of curtain design, NiceTown has proven that it is not just another “standard 96” curtain maker, but a decorating partner. inner trust that understands the needs of its customers. Customers will be spoiled for choice as the brand promises to offer over 200 different length and width choices, complete color customizationlining and print, via their online store.

The brand goes above and beyond to ensure its curtains fit the best, and to achieve this goal, NiceTown:

Provides Free samples to customers.
· Helps customers get accurate window measurements. Instructions on how to measure curtains can be found here.
Help customers to design and choose curtains via live chat.

Speaking ahead of launch, Jackie. C., CEO of NiceTown, pointed out that the store was designed with the customer in mind and aimed to provide an excellent user experience by integrating and responding to customer feedback and needs. The company has focused on resolving all customer concerns regarding the current online shopping experience, inaccurate measurements, excessively long shipping times, and poor customer service.

“That’s why we decided to create We are helping to break the myth that customization comes with high costs. We are 100% confident that we have the ability to deliver the best products possible with surprisingly affordable prices and reliable service,” explained the CEO of NiceTown.

The partnership with NiceTown gives users access to a seamless supply chain, a smooth online ordering process and 24/7 customer service. The brand offers products at an attractive price, ensuring that everyone can fully outfit their home with custom window treatments that match their style and budget.

A successful and world-famous brand

The results of this brand’s high-quality products and commitment to putting the customer first speak for themselves:

In 2015, just a year after selling on Amazon, NiceTown reached $5 million in sales. In 2020, the company exceeded $1.5 billion in sales at a time when other companies were simply struggling to stay afloat; they’ve been an Amazon bestseller since 2016, with 5-star customer satisfaction ratings on every item sold. The company also has a reorder rate of over 30%, proving NiceTown’s commitment to quality products and customer service.

For more information, contact NiceTown at +1(716) 320-0966 or visit Follow them on social media: Facebook, instagram, Youtube and pinterest.

CONTACT: Rita C., +1(716)320-0966, [email protected]