Kashmir Handicrafts and Loom Department Director Mahmood Ahmad Shah today inaugurated a 3-day awareness workshop and training program on natural dyeing on the campus of the Indian Institute of carpet technology (IICT) bagi Ali Mardan khan, Nowshera in Srinagar. The training workshop The program will be conducted under the expert guidance of one of the reputed resource persons of Badshah Miya Estate of Jaipur Rajasthan and recipient of the Shilip Guru and National Award who has over 30 years experience in the field. natural dye. The aim of the Workshop is to raise awareness among stakeholders of the importance of natural dyeing in today’s competitive market where customers demand environmentally friendly products.

The workshop is growing in importance in light of the fact that trendsetters have recognized the damage synthetic dyes cause to ecology and the environment. Practical demonstrations and development of samples of natural dyes on different types of raw materials in the craft and hand loom sector will be the training component for the next two days of the program. The event is growing in importance and should address concerns such as color fastness, shade matching, availability of standard quality of natural dyes. IICT Zubair Ahmad, co-director Handloom Nargis Suraya, president FCIK Shahid Kamili, Rouf Punjabi Ex president KCCI, participants of CDI, MEERAS company, TAHAFUZ company, development of the Kashmir carpet cluster as well as some of the main exporters, dyers, artisans associated with the field were present on the first day of the workshop.

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