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DocuSign CLM Essentials helps growing businesses centrally manage contracts and automate work

As it continues to digitally transform the way agreements are prepared, signed, implemented and managed around the world, DocuSign has introduced a new solution designed specifically for growing organizations to centralize and automate the creation , negotiation and secure storage of their contracts.

DocuSign CLM Essentials is a new contract lifecycle management offering designed to democratize CLM by reducing the complexity of contract technology and making it more accessible to everyone in the emerging Anywhere economy.

Announced at Momentum, DocuSign’s annual customer and partner conference, CLM Essentials builds on the company’s CLM offering to further automate the contracting process. Contract automation is essential for growing companies that need to achieve ambitious business goals with limited resources. Relying on small legal and operations teams to manually generate, negotiate, execute, and manage contracts slows business, increases risk, and frustrates customers and employees. At the same time, many companies lack the resources and time to implement a technology solution that will take months to implement.

“Before the shift to hybrid working, small teams might not feel like their contracting processes were unmanageable, especially if they were working a few desks apart. However, in the Anywhere economy, it has become essential to enable teams to perform contract work digitally,” said Antonis Papatsaras, Chief Technology Officer, CLM, DocuSign. “DocuSign reduces the time and cost barriers that made CLM feel out of reach for many small businesses CLM Essentials enables businesses of all sizes to transform manual, analog contract work into streamlined digital workflows.

CLM Essentials offers growing small and medium businesses the perfect starting point to begin their contract management journey with a streamlined solution that allows them to quickly realize value, and also scale with them as their needs grow. and evolve. This quick start is possible because CLM Essentials has modeled and streamlined the heaviest lifting components of a typical contract management implementation. Features include:

  • Document generation template generator: CLM Essentials customers can easily download existing contracts and convert them into dynamic build templates. Users can then review these contracts in the online editor, rearrange fields that can be pulled from Salesforce upon generation, and create conditional logic rules to switch languages ​​when certain criteria are met.
  • Contract Process Creator: Instead of starting with a blank canvas, CLM Essentials offers preconfigured and modeled workflows that cover the most common contracting processes.
  • Salesforce integration: CLM Essentials enables customers to seamlessly accelerate contract work and the quote-to-pay process through deep integration with Salesforce.

“Many CLM vendors aspire to commercialize their solutions, but DocuSign seems well positioned to do so. Given its large customer base of SMBs and mid-market organizations, DocuSign understands what low-end customers need and want from a contract vendor,” said Ryan O’Leary, IDC. “DocuSign already has the technologies, services, and go-to-market movements in place and should allow them to differentiate and uniquely cater to this market segment.”

Existing DocuSign eSignature customers now have an easier, more cost-effective way to begin automating and connecting the steps that occur before and after e-signing an agreement. If a customer’s needs become more complex over time, they can upgrade to one of DocuSign’s other CLM offerings, transferring any work configured in CLM Essentials with a single click.

CLM Essentials is now available worldwide in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Dutch.