Don’t Waste Your Money: Unexpected Amazon Packages

(WHTM) – There is nothing quite like the thrill of an unexpected delivery to your door unless it is not a giveaway at all, but a scam. Karen Baumann opened her front door the other day and wondered if a relative had sent her a holiday gift.

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“The first to arrive was a pen, in a silver box, which looks like a calligraphy pen,” Baumann said. But no one she knew had sent it, and the package only said Amazon Prime.

When the first package arrived, Baumann thought it was an innocent mistake. But then the second package arrived and she started to worry because it was a scooter for a small child and Baumann does not have young children.

So, she used Amazon’s online chat program and learned that she might have been the victim of the Brushing scam. The Better Business Bureau says that’s when a third-party seller gets your address and information and sends you an inexpensive item to improve their rankings on Amazon.

Other victims of the scam have reported receiving socks, seeds or face masks, an article Angela Osborne received last summer.

“I noticed this strange package with all the Chinese writing, and said I didn’t order anything from China,” Osborne said.

Unfortunately, this is not a trivial scam. The scammer has access to Amazon accounts and credit card information, which led to Baumann being charged $ 80. “I had to get a new Visa card because it was charged. Someone used that number, ”Baumann said.

Sometimes the articles are displayed for free, but that always means someone has your name and address. So you might want to change your Amazon account number just to be on the safe side. Baumann is happy to have grabbed these small items before an even bigger purchase. So be careful and don’t waste your money.