Indian Mission in Nepal celebrates Yoga Day in the presence of Prime Minister Deuba

Nepalese Prime Minister Sher Shah Deuba participated in a program organized by the Indian Mission in Kathmandu on Tuesday to mark the 8th International Yoga Day. The lawn in front of India House at the premises of the Indian Embassy was filled with yoga enthusiasts where the yoga guru of the cultural center Swami Vivekananda guided the participants.

Addressing the event, the Prime Minister of Nepal said: “The daily practice of yoga helps to improve and revitalize the state of health, as well as relieve stress and increase working capacity, increase immunity, to increase positivity, self-discipline and energy to do works, as well as to boost morale and confidence. Our experience over time has proven these statements. Deuba also said that Nepal has approved the resolution presented by his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi to declare June 21 International Day of Yoga.

It was during his address to the United Nations General Assembly on September 27, 2014 that Prime Minister Narendra Modi first floated the idea of ​​International Yoga Day. The draft resolution adopted by India was supported by 177 nations. With the universal recognition and growing popularity of yoga, the United Nations declared June 21 as International Yoga Day on December 11, 2014. The first International Yoga Day was celebrated on June 21, 2015.

“We endorse and recognize what we – India and Nepal have known for a long time that yoga is a pathway to holistic health and healing based on the concept of inclusive enlightenment of well-being. Yoga is the harmony between body, mind and soul, and that when the values ​​of mindfulness, moderation, perseverance and discipline are taught through yoga,” said Namgya Khampa, deputy head of the Indian mission in Kathmandu during the event. On the occasion, Nepali President Bidhya Devi Bhandari said that the whole world accepted yoga, which is closely associated with the ancient civilization and life philosophy of Nepal, as a useful practice for life was about fun for all of us.

In a message, President Bhandari said that all will succeed in developing a happy, prosperous and peaceful society by linking the humanitarian pleasure obtained through physical development with the positive energy obtained through yoga exercise. The President mentioned that yoga is an exercise to strengthen the physical, mental and spiritual health of an individual and is therefore considered an action with a thought in addition to a physical exercise.

“The contribution of Nepalese civilization in the development of yoga has been amply enlightened by our scholars, Yoga Gurus. Yoga, which is considered to have originated and developed in Nepal, also holds a special place in the life of Lord Shiva and King Janak as in the Kirat and Bon civilizations,” the message read. President Bhandari also said that there is a direct presence of yoga in crafts, painting and sculpture associated with social lifestyles. and culture of the Nepalese.

The Head of State mentioned the need to develop Yoga within the framework of education. She also called for more research in the field of yoga. International Yoga Day has been celebrated on June 21 since 2015 at the call of the United Nations. (ANI)

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