Iran and European Commission draw up 7-year plan

The Board of Directors of the Iranian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism met and spoke with experts from the Directorate General of International Partnerships of the European Commission at Golestan Palace in Tehran.

Also, some officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the meeting which was held on Sunday. The meeting mainly focused on Iran-European Commission cooperation in the field of tripartite missions of the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

Ms. Sarah Rinaldi. The Head of the European Union Unit at the Directorate-General for International Partnerships of the European Commission said that given Iran’s enormous potential in tourism, historical monuments and crafts, he is certainly possible to expand cooperation between Iran and Europe.

A seven-year cooperation plan between Iran and the European Union will be drawn up next week, Rinaldi said, adding that the seven-year strategy covers a variety of topics, one of which is cooperation in the field of cultural heritage, which is certainly an important part of the plan.

She added that the plan includes assisting in the management of tourism, improving global knowledge about Iran, supporting the field of cultural heritage, creating channels of dialogue between Iranian crafts artists and the Union. European, etc.

She further described the projects presented by Iran at the meeting as excellent. Rinaldi further noted that investment in this regard is the responsibility of the private sectors which will be definitely supported by the European Commission.

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