‘Jal Mahotsav’ awarded as India’s unique water and adventure carnival

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board’s annual tourism promotion event “Jal Mahotsav” was internationally awarded as India’s unique water and adventure carnival on Friday during the 26th edition of the tourism contest active organized by FITUR in Spain with AireLibre magazine.

The competition was organized to stimulate the development and marketing of the tourism industry. It focuses on promoting adventure tourism products, culture, nature, food and drink, technological development, accessibility and the environment.

Speaking on the occasion, Sheo Shekher Shukla, Principal Secretary, Director of Tourism and Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board said, “It is a great pride for us that out of 100 products that have been screened as part of the contest, Madhya Pradesh Tourism’s annual promotional event “Jal Mahotsav” has been awarded as India’s unique water and adventure carnival.

We highly value the contribution of the tourism industry in various forms and aim to set new international standards in the field of hospitality and services with this award.

“Jal Mahotsav” offers sports and nature lovers a plethora of adventure activities to rejoice and create memories with hot air ballooning, biking, boat cruise, parasailing, paramotoring, camping night on the island, star gazing, bird watching to name a few. . It also promotes rural tourism and the lifestyle of the local community in the region. Jal Mahotsav was also awarded earlier as Most Innovative/Unique Tourism Product of Year 2015-16 by Government of India, Ministry of Tourism based on National Tourism Awards.

Madhya Pradesh is a versatile state offering a variety of tourism products and tourist destinations filled with activities, wildlife safaris, natural beauties, adventure activities, camping, water sports, cuisines, heritage, tribal culture, crafts, wellness and conscious tourism and much more. explore and experiment. The State has adopted Sustainable and Responsible Tourism practices in its Hotels and Destinations.