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La Poste will offer reusable parcel pouches by a French start-up

Hipli was launched in July last year in Le Havre, Seine Maritime. Eighteen months later, it employs six people handling its zipped pouches, which are made of polypropylene plastic, a canvas-like material.

Rigid versions with a minimal cardboard structure forming the canvas are also available.

“We wanted to do something concrete to help individuals and businesses take action for the environment and came up with this simple but revolutionary idea,” said co-founder Léa Gott.

“We are well in the idea of ​​a circular service. From start to finish, the idea is to minimize the impact of packaging on the planet.

“We wanted to set up in Le Havre because we live here and we wanted to do a job that we liked, while helping to stop the influx of talent in the city.

More than 220 French and European e-commerce companies use Hiplis, including large French companies and Cdiscount.

Hipli claims that if its packaging is used until it wears out – tests show this is after it has been used 100 times – CO2 emissions from the packaging will decrease by 83%.

Once a customer receives merchandise wrapped in Hipli packaging, the bag can be folded to letter size with the return address visible, and then dropped into the letterbox.

Back in Le Havre, the used packaging is checked, cleaned and then reused. When the packaging wears out, it will be sent for incineration or to a recycling center where the polypropylene can be melted down and reused.

The first models were made in China but the company quickly established itself in Europe and has suppliers in Bulgaria and Portugal.

At the moment, only businesses can buy Hipli packaging, which costs five times more than a cardboard envelope of an equivalent size, but the company and La Poste are hopeful that the Hipli option will soon be available at post offices. .

Customer prices per package before the La Poste agreement were € 1.80 for small packages, € 2 for medium and € 2.30 for the largest format. They will be reduced to € 1.65 and € 1.95 thanks to La Poste, which has set up a special rate for the return of recyclable packaging.

Jean-Yves Gras, general manager of the Colissimo service at La Poste, declared: “This innovation is part of the new solutions that La Poste wishes to develop and accelerate.

“We cannot do it alone but with e-commerce customers, manufacturers of packaging materials and solution providers, environmental experts and also citizen consumers, which we all are, we can collectively be more responsible. .

The partnership with La Poste makes it possible to offer Hipli as a packaging option to all of its e-commerce customers. Hipli will offer a promotional discount on the first customer orders sent to it by La Poste. The Colissimo brand will also be added to Hipli packages.

The company says it is set to circulate 150,000 Hipli packages by the end of 2021, up from just 5,000 in May.

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