Srinagar, June 19 (KNS): The National Conference of Jammu and Kashmir expressed concern on Saturday over the failure of the incumbent administration to ensure the availability of basic civic facilities and minimal public services to residents of Srinagar regions, saying the Crumbling infrastructure, faltering public service supplies and deteriorating basic human development indicators have become the norm of the day.

Governance and development have taken a back seat, the situation in Amira kadal is no different, the party’s provincial chairman Nasir Aslam Wani said, speaking to party officials in Amirakadal constituency here at party headquarters, Nawa e Subha, Srinagar. The meeting saw the participation of youth from the party, the women’s wing, the body of parents and officials from the minority cells. Other people who spoke on the occasion included the provincial chairman of the provincial wing of the party, Er. Sabiya Qadri, the organizer of the minority wing JS Azad and the president of the bloc Amira Kadal Rafiq Ellahi.

Speaking to officials, Nasir said the constituency has received stepmother’s treatment since 2015 and that projects launched by the NC-led government during her tenure in power have also been put in cold storage. “With the onset of the summers, the administration was expected to undertake massive restoration work in the constituency, but so far nothing substantial has happened. Main arteries, roads, tracks and the balance sheets continue to be in ruins, a few minutes of downpours transform all the roads into sumps and slush. The situation is serious in low-lying areas, “he said.

On occasion, Nasir has pressured officials to ensure that the membership drive reaches the Mohalla, Halqa level.

He said residents of the constituency had been hit by the devastation of Covid-19 and the laid-back attitude of the administration in place to alleviate their woes pushed them to the wall again.

While expressing concern over the plight of young people suffering from unemployment and the closed spaces for the pursuit of vocations, Nasir said the government had turned around on issues affecting J&K youth. Far from providing jobs for the young people of J&K, the government has perversely opened the door to dozens of young employees working in various departments. “So far, the government has only served slogans and false promises to young people, nothing substantial is done to revive tourism, manufacturing, crafts and small and medium enterprises”, a- he declared. (KNS)

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