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Paint pig sells artwork for $ 27,000

Image: pigcassohoghero

A painter pig named Pigcasso sold a work of art to a German collector for $ 27,000.

Pigcasso is a painting pig who was rescued in 2016 from a slaughterhouse in South Africa when she was about to be killed. This week, Pigcasso will be able to eat premium acorns and roll in premium mud as it sold a painting last week for $ 27,000.

The artwork, painted in an abstract style, is titled “Wild and Free” and was acquired by a German collector. Pigcasso has just broken the record for the Congo chimpanzee, which sold a series of three paintings for $ 19,000 in 2005.

The owner of the paint pig, Joanne Lefson, said she discovered Pigcasso’s skills soon after rescuing her from the slaughterhouse. According to Lefson, when the pig saw some paintbrushes Lefson had in the pigsty, she made “signs” that she wanted to use them. The woman then trained the pig using the technique known as a clicker, which is typically used with dogs. Pigcasso quickly learned to paint on her own.

The recently sold artwork is painted on a 1.6 x 2.6 meter canvas and the color selection was “inspired” by the blue tones of South Africa’s ocean landscapes. Due to its large dimensions, it is the largest piece of art ever to be recorded to have been created by an animal. According to its owner, Pigcasso took several weeks to complete the painting.


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