Peyton Manning wants this wine, nice retirement note he wrote to Tom Brady

Not so long ago, Tom Brady awkwardly retired and received the accolades, the retrospectives and, as tends to happen in celebrity circles, the expensive gift-receiving stage of the process. departure. Shortly after that, the greatest quarterback ever decided, you know what, I love this football thing and I’m good at it, so it would be a waste to spend too lots of time with the family right now.

This is great news for the NFL as a whole and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in particular. Or the Miami Dolphins if you have to believe the wildest rumors right now. It wasn’t good for Peyton Manning, however, as the Omaha Productions honcho and former rival Brady realized he’d sent a bunch of stuff under the pretense that it was really goodbye.

“It doesn’t seem right to me when someone writes you a personal letter. It was long, two pages. I mailed him, sent him a bottle of wine,” Manning said in response to Brady’s betrayal. “He has not retired and I want the letter returned to him. He read all these beautiful things, I want him to come back. I also want to get the bottle of wine back.

One can understand why that would be so frustrating. Imagine going to a housewarming party and bringing a bottle of red to find that the couple never officially made the deal and you were, in fact, intruding. You might ask yourself if they broke that cabernet.

On a somewhat related note, isn’t it interesting how often the most successful people in the world take handwritten notes? Keep an eye on how often this becomes a theme. Perhaps there is a lesson there. Maybe it’s just a brilliant marketing campaign by Big Calligraphy.