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The Duke of Cornwall is particularly sensitive to all issues related to nature and the protection of the environment, a subject he has often spoken about publicly. The king’s future home in Scotland has now been compared to “a zoo”, with the cute little furry animals running around both outside and inside. Environmentalist David Mills, speaking to Richard Eden of the Daily Mail, was invited to Birkhall with his actress girlfriend Dame Judi Dench.

Mr Mills, 78, who is a conservationist and runs a wildlife center in Surrey, said: ‘The Prince has a particular fondness for red squirrels.

He added: “I saw him encourage them in his study with nuts, where they would bring up the curtains.”

To which Mr Eden commented: “Have mercy on the poor soul who has to clean up after…”

Prince Charles has shown his enthusiasm for red squirrels for many years now, as he is a long-time patron of the Red Squirrel Survival Trust (RSST).

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The charity says of Prince Charles’ work: “[Charles] has long been a supporter of the red squirrel cause and of the role RSST plays in bringing together organizations concerned with squirrel conservation and the preservation of Britain’s native hardwood forests, both of which are threatened by gray squirrels.

In a previous interview with Country Living, Charles’ son Prince William also spoke about his father’s sensitivity to the adorable creatures and how they roam freely inside Birkhall.

He said: “He is completely infatuated with the red squirrels who live around the estate in Scotland – to the extent that he has given them names and allows them into the house.

“They come into Birkhall’s house and we chase them inside. If I sit quietly they will around me.

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