Saturday Night Steelers Town Hall: A Burgeoning Bromance

Lots of snow here in the great white north and yet I know it’s on borrowed time. Winter has been colder and snowier than normal here, but I’m reassured to know that spring is coming. It’s really unclear how long he’ll be here, but will the Steelers find their next franchise QB sooner or later…

For those of you who don’t read often, or maybe aren’t even familiar with the Fanpost section at all, I encourage you to check it out. The Fanpost section is literally where this Saturday Night feature started. It’s also a place where the average fan can start a conversation about any topic they choose.

This section can also give you the opportunity to have a more personal chat with other posters due to the fact that there is usually less traffic there. Nevertheless, it can take you to some interesting places. Take for example…

This particular article and the comments that followed put some meat on the bones of BTSC’s true worth. Yes, there is definitely a budding bromance feel to it… However, what I really enjoyed was the fact that two posters became internet warriors and became real people. They exchanged emails to settle a bet and made an interesting connection. I realize this might be more than the average poster wants from here, but the takeaway from “I bet 99.9% of us could sit down and have beers and eat with others here and discussing all the things we have in common for our love of the Steelers” is vital to keeping the good thing we have here.

Far too often, I find in our impassioned responses that we forget that at the end of the day, we all love the Steelers and want them to succeed. After all, the majority of us do not come here for the articles, but for the comments. We need to make sure the comment sections keep as many people coming back as possible.

  1. Do you read the Fanpost section? Did you even know it existed? Have you ever written a Fanpost? If not, why not?
  2. Much has been said about the Rams/Stafford situation. If the Steelers could “fix” their O Line via the FA, would you be ok with giving up 2 firsts and a third for a 32-year-old QB to go all-in?
  3. With prices for a single ticket to the big game starting just below 10,000 on the resale market, would you pay that to go see the Steelers?
  4. Now that Jim Harbaugh has been turned down by the Vikings, he’s back to coaching Michigan (#fireharbaughnow). I’m not a Mr. Khakis fan but I encourage blue n corn. Which coach (of your favorite team) would you have liked to leave even when the team was winning?
  5. Which winter sport do you like or miss this year?