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As I was doing my evening walk to keep in shape, I ran into people sitting in the open area taking non-stop selfies and glued to their smartphones.

Most of them have traveled to the region for their booster shots, which will now be mandatory for those wishing to travel.

Snuggling in the cold, I thought to myself that we had reached a point where technology was ruining and preventing social interactions, whether it was couples, co-workers, friends, strangers, you see. I kept walking around and ran into the same people taking more selfies of different styles to get their best shots.

Is this life? We self-support, post them on Instagram and TikTok, change the color for fun, and try to get the number of likes and approvals on various social media sites while eagerly waiting for the best comments to be posted by their friends. Thanks to our friend “COVID” for forcing everyone to wear a mask that we can’t even identify now someone we know.

Whether you’re in a restaurant, having dinner with your family, or in the subway, a taxi or even walking past someone, our world is fiddling and spinning on smartphones. I can only count the time many of us got bored during the lockdown with nothing else to do but focus on our little smartphones.

While technology has its pros and cons that make our way of life and communication easier, we sometimes forget about the bad impact on the way humans socialize because it makes people less interactive, which can lead to serious harm. depression, anxiety and hopelessness. It’s not only spending a lot of time, but it causes negative personality traits and a sense of isolation that many of us now enjoy.

That’s why this year, I decided to turn off my phone late at night, because more quality time can be spent revising things that I never used to do.

Growing up, I now noticed a change in my writing styles and decided to write something everyday to get my beautiful calligraphy back, as using smartphones even dragged spellings out of us.

With the new weekend starting, I’m in awe of how it will help change the habits of people using smartphones as the focus is on work-life balance and lifestyle refinement.

It’s time for me to connect with my loved ones, listen to some of my favorite enjoyable hits on the radio, volunteer, read, write and move forward in 2022.

Matthew Litty,