Starbucks Korea donates Han Yong-un’s handwriting to mark Independence Day

Starbucks Korea CEO Song Ho-seop (second from right) and National Trust for Cultural Heritage Chairman Kim Jong-kyu (third from right) pose for a photo after a ceremony for deliver a handwriting of Manhae Han Yong-un to Deoksugung Palace in Seoul. (Starbucks Korea)

Starbucks Korea announced on Sunday that it had donated a calligraphy by Manhae Han Yong-un, a 20th-century Korean Buddhist reformer and poet who also fought for Korean independence, to the National Trust for Cultural Heritage to mark the 103rd anniversary of the Korean independence movement. Day falling on March 1.

The writing, which reads “Jeon Dae Beob Ryun,” signifies that a world of great truth is not settling in but constantly evolving. As the only extant play written by Manhae Han Yong-un, it is considered one of the most important cultural properties in the country for its historical significance and value.

This coin was purchased by Starbucks Korea for donation, thanks to a special fund established last year to actively preserve Korean cultural heritage related to Korean independence.

“Starbucks Korea’s activities such as donating cultural heritage and establishing a fund to protect cultural property are one of the most meaningful projects we carry out with our partners and customers. We will continue to raise awareness of unknown cultural heritage and ways to preserve cultural property,” said Song Ho-seop, CEO of Starbucks Korea.

Since 2009, Starbucks Korea has cooperated with the Cultural Heritage Administration to actively preserve Korean cultural property, conduct community-wide traditional culture preservation courses, provide scholarships for independence patriots, and sponsor ancient palace events.

A portion of the profits made from selling special-edition products such as cups with patterns from Korean traditional culture will go to Starbucks Korea’s fund to support the preservation of Korean cultural heritage, according to the company.

By Kim Da-sol ([email protected])