Staten Island son woos heroine Nicole in medieval England – and you can see it all on TV

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Amidst the rolling hills of England’s Regency era countryside, in an age of knights in shining armour, a group of eligible suitors will compete to win the heart of heroine Nicole Remy during from NBC’s new 90 Minute series, “The Courtship.”

The intro episode of the reality competition is set to premiere Sunday, March 6 at 8 p.m.

Nicole Remy, left, and Danie Baker (Photo by Sean Gleason/NBC)Staten Island Advance

The show, produced at Castle Howard in York, England — the same castle used in “Bridgerton” — was filmed for about two months last fall.

Dubbed “The Bachelorette” meets “Bridgerton,” the cast of “Courtship” leaves the modern world behind. They live and film in a castle, wear Regency-era clothes, lose their cell phones and internet access, take lessons in period dancing, horse-riding, and archery — and even learn calligraphy.


Daniel Bochicchio, 31, an estate agent from Dongan Hills, is one of 16 suitors from America and England who will test their mettle and compete for Nicole Remy’s love and affection.

“I was approached by someone from the cast and they sent me an application and it intrigued me,” the six-foot courtier said. “And it’s a different type of show than all the other dating shows and right up my alley and interesting for those pursuing a new adventure.”

He submitted his application and photo in Spring/Summer 2021 and went through the whole process, including Zoom video meetings.

“A lot of people applied. I made the cut and flew to England. And we started shooting pretty much after I arrived and filmed for about two months,” he added .

When he’s not filming, you can find the St. Peter’s Boys High School graduate, who majored in business at the College of Staten Island, selling real estate in New York for Douglass Elliman, a Manhattan firm.

“I was completely myself,” Bochicchio said. “Except I’m wearing a waistcoat, a tuxedo, high socks and special period shoes,” he said with a smile.

For their roles, and to acclimate themselves to simple old-fashioned romance, suitors had to take refresher courses in order to become a little more “refined” and in tune with the lifestyle of medieval England.

“We received training in etiquette and we took courses in calligraphy and communication of notes, dance and archery. I came with my best foot forward. I had to try to stand out,” he noted.

The Court - Season 1

Danny Kim and Nicole Remy (Photo by Sean Gleason/NBC) Staten Island Advance

The production which has always been shot on the grounds of the castle comprises 13 episodes.

“But we had time off and were able to gather and relax in an area of ​​the castle,” he continued.

“But I can assure you it will be thrilling, dramatic, moving and romantic – all 90 minutes in a beautiful and incredible castle. But it has a twist because Nicole’s family is involved and with the backdrop of the 19th century , there are different kinds of proms and events.Nicole’s family members supported her and helped her make a decision.All the suitors are really nice, fun, loving guys with the same goal in mind – hope to meet someone. And it was a great experience overall. We were all courting a lady, Miss Remy, the heroine.

The Court - Season 1

Nicole Remy with om and dad, Claude Remy and Dr. Claire Spain-Remy. (Photo by: Sean Gleason/NBC) Staten Island Advance

His family was extremely supportive, he said, but they thought he was a little crazy at first to take on a project of this magnitude.

"The Courtship"

At the Esca restaurant in Dongan Hills are Daniel Bochicchio and his family, from left, his mother, Nancy Bochicchio, his father, David Bochicchio, Daniel Bochicchio and his brother, David Bochicchio Jr. (Courtesy/Daniel Bochicchio) Staten Island Advance

He explained that he is a direct communicator and only pursues women if he sees a real future with her, and when he does, he will make her feel like royalty.


Suitors take horse-drawn carriage rides, attend masquerade balls, test their archery and fencing skills, and even write love notes – by hand!

But the pressure mounts when they find out they also have to get the stamp of approval from Nicole’s court of trust: her father, Claude, her mother, Claire, her sister, Danie, and her best friend, Tessa.

As Nicole’s advisors, the Court chooses her dates and helps discover which suitors deserve to win her heart.

As each attempts to outdo the other in romance, they find themselves at a weekly farewell ball where Nicole reveals whether their romance journey will continue or if their car is waiting to bring them back to the modern world.

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