Strive for balanced growth in Tamil Nadu: CM Stalin tells planning commission

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Tuesday called on the State Planning Commission to come up with an appropriate strategy that is not only needs-based but could also boost development to ensure balanced growth in all aspects of the state.

Although Tamil Nadu is an advanced state in many respects, especially its success in combining development and social reform projects, what is needed is a holistic approach for balanced growth, said the Chief Minister addressing members of the State Planning Commission in Ezhilagam.

“We must become advanced in all aspects including human resource development, quality of life, life expectancy, education, child development, poverty reduction, welfare , human rights and social justice,” said the Chief Minister who is the Chairman of the SPC.

The government is committed to taking constructive steps to improve these aspects in Tamil Nadu, he said, and asked the commission to come up with guidelines for the government to follow.

“I have often said that balanced growth is not predominant in all districts. We have to admit that we do not yet have a balanced growth. Inequalities exist in industrial development and they vary from district to district. There are also inequalities in education. We see that poverty is low in some districts and high in others,” he said.

“Therefore, a balanced growth pattern is needed for the whole of Tamil Nadu to eliminate these inequalities,” he said. The commission could consult experts on scalable strategies and also undertake extensive research, hold stakeholder consultations, conduct field visits and propose workable solutions.

“Reduce the time gap between planning and implementation. I don’t need to talk about the financial crisis in Tamil Nadu. Advice is needed to reduce wasteful spending,” the chief minister said. A mechanism should be devised to generate income through sectors such as tourism, small businesses, handicrafts and looms. Business models must be financially viable and create jobs, he added.

“Thinking seriously about rural development and several other aspects and guiding us. The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) is a movement based on the principles of social justice, equality, self-respect, language, rights and state autonomy”, Stalin who is the chairman of the DMK qu ‘he piloted to victory in the elections to the Assembly, mentioned.

The development of Tamil Nadu is the development of society and that is real development. “If such a development is to be named, then it is the ‘Dravidian model’. Economy, education, social, ideology and functioning – all five must grow together. This is the Dravidian model,” he said.