‘Tacky’ bride slammed on the wedding sign – can you spot what’s got people talking?

IT goes without saying that weddings are fundamentally about two people who commit to sharing their lives together and celebrating their love with their loved ones.

But let’s be honest, the focus will almost always be on the bride and her stunning dress.


Can you spot what makes people talk?Credit: Unknown, clear with photo office

So rather than walk away from that fact, this recent bride decided to celebrate it instead.

Earlier this week, a photo of the happy couple’s wedding sign was posted on Reddit’s Wedding Shaming forum.

“Welcome to Emilie’s wedding,” read the message in beautiful printed calligraphy.

Then, below the bride’s name, a smaller note read, “Featuring Jon.”

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Urging other members to shame the sign, the person who walked past the hotel reception posted a picture on the forum.

They captioned it sarcastically, “Oh yeah. This guy Jon is coming too.”

One replied: “Damn c**p this is sticky.

“I hope the groom thinks it’s funny.”

Another added: “Jon’s friends and family, if invited, will be seated near the kitchen and/or bathrooms.”

A third said: “It’s awful. Even though it’s something her parents did, Emilie should take it down.

“I’m sure they meant it to be funny, but it’s NOT.”

That said, not everyone was so critical of stationery.

Jumping to the bride’s defence, a fourth wrote: “I think it’s still funny for the wedding itself.

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“I refuse to believe that anyone can be this awful for their own spouse in real life, it just shows the couple have the same sense of humor and that’s cute.”

“This could be a joke for them and their friends,” said a fifth.