The “Evoked by Ink” exhibition shows the modern side of ancient art

“Evoked by Ink”, an exhibition running at the UOB Art Gallery in Shanghai until January 8, features nearly 20 works created by Wang Dongling, He Saibang, Han Feng and Qiu Anxiong, four Chinese artists renowned for their quest for contemporary Chinese ink. art.

Han Feng’s “21 Painting Manual”

Ink art has long been an important part of traditional Chinese art. Brush and ink are at the heart of Chinese ink wash painting and calligraphy which have distinguished themselves as two special visual resources over the past 5,000 years in the East.

However, with dramatic changes in society and the impact of modernity, ink art has undergone a process of re-inspection, reflection and reform.

Enveloped in the collision and fusion of various artistic concepts, contemporary Chinese artists attempt to extend the reach of ink art. Thus, it becomes an aesthetic inclination, rather than an artistic medium, that paper, canvas, video or installation all reflect the modernity of social life and culture.

“Evoked by Ink” reflects the emphasis placed on contemporary ink art by the international artistic community in recent years.

The “Evoked by Ink” exhibition shows the modern side of ancient art

“A Short Ballad Song” by Wang Dongling

Wang’s “A Short Song Ballad” and “Dao De Jing” are two deep songs. At first glance, the random brush in its chaotic manner resembles an abstract painting, but at the same time reminds viewers of traces of Chinese calligraphy. Born in 1945, Wang is a seasoned calligrapher who fully understands the charm of curves in traditional Chinese calligraphy.

Another example goes to the works of art created by He. The artist leaves a vast void in the arrangement of the painting except for a few simple outlines of his impression of life and ordinary people. Here, the artist fully reveals the richness of lines merged with intellectual taste.

The “Evoked by Ink” exhibition shows the modern side of ancient art

Exhibition information

Dates: until January 8

Location: UOB Art Gallery

Address: 116 Yincheng Road, Pudong New Area