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Vani Dikau Chang’s journey into the world of designing and creating handicrafts began in her early years selling at the market alongside a friend who taught her the art of handcrafted jewelry.

For Chang, what started as lessons to pass the time sparked an interest in pursuing a new skill and brought her to where she is today.

Chang has been in the business for over five years and makes beautiful creations that use macrame techniques in which her centerpieces are freshwater pearls that she specializes in designing and repairing.

“COVID-19 has really allowed me to branch out and use my network connections, so most of my buyers at this stage are from Australia and New Zealand,” she says.

Not only does Chang have international regulars, but she has continued to sell her pieces at fashion shows, the most recent being in the United States by designer June Kamikamica.

She says that while some of her pieces can often be custom made, most of the time she relies on her creativity and imagination to create new pieces, like the 15 pieces she presented at the fashion show. in the USA.

Using her savvy social media skills to expand her client base, Chang learned the importance of managing resources and developing relationships. And one of those resources is the workshop.

“Learning and networking are the two most important things I’ve had the opportunity to use in these workshops,” she says.

A seven-month program organized by the US Embassy was particularly important, through which she was able to deepen the financial and networking aspects of business.

“This is often the case with most workshops because they open doors to all sorts of new learning resources, projects, and business connections,” Chang adds.

She said her business was built on skills she learned on her own, and that was possible because she took every opportunity that came her way, whether it was lessons in an old friend, the Internet or workshops.

Chang has created a variety of beautiful creations from the resources and opportunities she has used for a business she is proud of.