the PKa studio faces this buenos aires house with a bamboo curtain wall

a bamboo forest

The Argentinian architectural firm Estudio PKa unveils its “bamboo house” as an extension of its airy accommodation expressing a range of natural materials. the project is located outside of buenos aires and is both defined by its massive facade of vertical bamboo canes. this wall disguises the entrance to the house, opening outwards with a full height entrance door and a garage door. overall, the closed state is reminiscent of a monolithic curtain wall, suggesting a bamboo forest framed by the concrete structure of the building.

images © alejandro peral | @alejandroperalphotography

the bright courtyard by estudio pka

with the opening of the bamboo facade of the house, the house by estudio PKa (see more here) reveals bright views of the distant landscape. the house is divided between its air-conditioned living spaces and an open-air courtyard framed by the grid concrete structure. this yard is filled with water to become a shallow swimming pool, with a set of stepping stones leading the occupant through a path leading to a sliding glass door and into the living room.

this glass box offers an alternative entrance with the main entrance door, built in wood, which leads from the most closed areas of the house to the more private spaces.

estudio pkA bamboo house

dynamic space experience

in the design of its bamboo house, estudio PKa presents a dynamic material composition. the dialogue between the vaguely arranged bamboo, the concrete frame and the glass volumes confer visual depth. the spaces are gradually revealed one beyond the other, until the distant water and the landscape beyond appear. the space changes with the passing sun, due to the bold shadows of the structure and the delicately patterned shadows of the bamboo.

estudio pkA bamboo house estudio pkA bamboo house the PKa studio faces this buenos aires house with a bamboo curtain wall