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This is the best insulated lunch bag I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot)

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In the good old days of commuting, I enjoyed making food for my workday: dal and spinach rice for lunch, fruit and nuts for snacks between meetings, chocolate to ease the pain. stress, pastries to share with my colleagues. Everything would be stuffed into a brown paper bag, elementary school style.

Beginner’s mistake. I once made goat curry with some friends and enthusiastically packed the plastic container, stuffed it into the “trusty” brown paper bag and threw it in my purse. back. Upon entering the office, I noticed that the bottom of my backpack was wet. I unzipped it to find a small pond of goat curry liquid at the bottom, agglomerated with pieces of soggy brown paper.

It was time to upgrade to the next level lunch bag. The one that would prevent strange puddles of liquid that would put my backpack (and my business laptop) at risk. But I didn’t want a Star Wars AT-AT elementary school lunch box. I wanted the best lunch bag that would also make me look and feel like a professional. After spending weeks browsing reviews, sites, compiling benefit lists, and even placing a few unsuccessful orders, I finally found a lunch bag that wasn’t necessarily see like a lunch bag.

Lokass is the best insulated lunch bag I have tried. Keyword isolated: My old office refrigerator often looked like a museum of failed experiments, filled to the brim with fuzzy blue-and-white quirks, so I like to keep my food at my desk, where it’s also easier to grab a bite to eat. I have the floral navy blue, and thanks to the shoulder strap, I can even carry the Lokass bag as a complete handbag (the front pocket also holds my phone and my wallet). I put a few ice packs with a can of ginger ale, and things were nice and cool from early in the morning until around 2pm. The brand specializes in durable bags, and this one has three layers: PEVA, foam and canvas padding. With its zipped compartment, everything is comfortably locked, and the bonus? It’s waterproof. (So ​​long puddles of food, hello gorgeous gorgeous soup!)

The bag comes in 17 different styles and at least three different sizes, including one with separate compartments if you want to keep some things warm and others cold. During those WFH days, it’s also the best insulated lunch bag for a winter hike, that trip to the ice rink, and to store a bottle of champagne on the way to a friend’s house. But I’m waiting for the day when I can proudly take my trendy lunch bag with me to the office (with all of its food intact!)