Tribute to the singer of the Von Trapp family

Rosmarie Trapp, daughter of Georg von Trapp and Maria Augusta Kutschera, has died aged 93. On May 13, 2022, the famed Trapp Family Singers member “passed away peacefully,” after a day “in the presence of loved ones,” his family said in an Instagram post. Born just outside Salzburg, Austria on February 8, 1929, Rosmarie was a member of the famous Von Trapp family that inspired the iconic music sound film starring Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews.

She was the first of three children of Captain Georg von Trapp and his second wife Maria Augusta Kutschera. Famously, the couple also raised seven children from the captain’s first marriage. The family refused to cooperate with the Nazi regime after the Anschluss, the German annexation of Austria in 1938. They fled by train to Italy, pretending to go on vacation. The family were already talented singers, so they set out to tour Europe before leaving for the United States.

Once in the United States, young Rosmarie and the Von Trapp family eventually settled in Stowe, Vermont. The charming ski resort is known for the beautiful surrounding mountains. The new family farm turned into the Trapp Family Lodge in 1950. Still in operation today, the Lodge combines the charms of Austria and Vermont into one mountain getaway. Rosmarie worked there with her family and also toured with the Trapp Family Singers. In 1951, she became an American citizen, signing her nickname Rosmarie Trapp.

A devout Christian and beloved family member, Rosmarie’s obituary describes her as a “true ‘character’ at Stowe”. She walked everywhere, led knitting circles, taught music and was known for her calligraphy. Active contributor to Reporter Stoweshe had her own rubric known as Rosmarie’s Corner. “An emotionally sensitive person, Rosmarie had keen insight and intuition as to who could benefit from her listening ear, and she helped many people through difficult times,” her obituary notes. “Her generosity led her to constantly help others, literally giving people the clothes she had on her back, and sometimes running out of funds herself, having given money to those she felt were they needed it more than her.”

In a video from Project AMAG and Synès Audio in 2015, Rosmarie explained what it means to leave a legacy – or seeds, as she called it – for the next generation. Comparing the seeds of the future to those she found in the woods near Stowe, the light of a woman with a fascinating life, a love for cats and a talent for music is evident. Rosmarie is survived by her brother Johannes von Trapp, the last living member of the Trapp Family Singers, and his wife Lynne, as well as a multitude of extended family members around the world.

Rosmarie Trapp, child of the famous Von Trapp family of The sound of musicdied at age 93.

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