Tunisians call for general strike in Sfax over waste crisis – Middle East Monitor

Tunisian civil society organizations yesterday announced a general strike on December 10 to protest the waste crisis that erupted more than two months ago.

A spokesperson for the Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts in Sfax, Salim Marrakchi, said in an interview with a local radio station that national organizations and civil society groups in Sfax have decided to implement a day of anger in the region, during which a general a regional strike would be observed, to protest against the deteriorating environmental situation in the state.

“During the day of anger, all outlets in the city will be closed and all activities in the city will be suspended,” he added.

This, according to the organizers, is the result of the authorities constantly ignoring Sfax’s environmental record.

“The situation in the region is catastrophic from an environmental, health and epidemiological point of view, due to the accumulation of waste for more than 60 days,” he said.

In September, Tunisian authorities closed a landfill in the town of Agareb, near Sfax state, following complaints from local residents that it was polluting the environment, resulting in the accumulation of thousands of tonnes of waste. garbage in the streets, markets and even in front of the hospitals of the governorate.

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