TYRO Studios opens in Shipley – learn to paint, arrange flowers, taste wine and more

A new studio offering a range of creative workshops has opened in the main street of Shipley.

Located at 42 Westgate, TYRO Studios is an event and workshop space run by entrepreneur couple Yvonne Aboagye and Israel Hobson.

TYRO Studios will offer creative Bradfordians the chance to try out different hobbies and discover hidden talents with a team of experts.

With a glass of wine or a cup of tea never far away, the fun and laid-back workshops on offer include “Paint and Sip” afternoons and evenings, flower arranging, wine tasting, calligraphy, embroidery, macrame and more.

Yvonne Aboagye and Israel Hobson of Bradford, pictured.

“It’s like a beginner’s studio where you can just come and learn something,” said businesswoman Yvonne.

“You don’t need any experience, any experience.

“I think we put too many limits on ourselves, ‘Oh, I could never do that’. People say that all the time about anything.

“If you give yourself the opportunity, you’d be surprised at what you’re actually capable of.”

Describing TYRO Studio’s success so far, Yvonne said: “People left and they had learned all the basics of flower arranging and they could decide if they wanted to learn a bit more.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: all photographs by Lauryn Young. All photographs by Lauryn Young.

“I love to learn things, so for me something like this is perfect. It could be the start of something amazing.”

The owners hope to bring different workshops to TYRO Studios in the coming months, including whiskey tastings, silver jewelry making, and sessions for kids.

The owners of the company chose Shipley as their base for TYRO Studios after a long search for spaces in Saltaire, Leeds, Ripon and Harrogate.

But it was the dream of “championing Bradford” that inspired the international couple, from Perth, Australia, to bring TYRO Studios to Shipley.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: all photographs by Lauryn Young.  Photos show a painting event at TYRO Studios.All photographs by Lauryn Young. Photos show a painting event at TYRO Studios.

Israel told the Telegraph & Argus: “There’s a lot going on, but it’s a city that’s kind of being bypassed by people. It’s not even that Bradford is an underdog, it’s just a giant. sleeping.

“It’s an exciting time, especially with Bradford 2025 happening.

“I always want to defend Bradford. There are so many things that can happen, but I think it’s just about injecting some positivity and believing in Bradford again.”

Yvonne added: “When we moved we were both working in Leeds so we used to go out and eat in Leeds. Then when we found CONA (Restaurant) in Bradford we started moving more time here.

“I really like the idea of ​​having something like TYRO Studios so close to home. I don’t see why we should go to Leeds every time we want to do something fun, exciting and different .”

Anyone interested in TYRO Studio events can visit the website or sign up for the newsletter for workshop updates.