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UFC on ESPN 35 play-by-play and live results

Round 1 – Breeden shoots early but Levy defends. Breeden headbutts, which Levy catches and tries to turn into a submission. Breeden pulls his leg out and runs away. Now separated, Levy rips a kick to the body. Breeden throws a combination and Levy lands. Breeden punches Levy in the groin and a timeout is called. When the action resumes, Breeden begins to replenish Levy in boxing. Levy retreats, stops and whips out a high kick. The kick hits Breeden high. Levy takes it down and tries another leg log. Once again, Breeden escapes. Back on the feet, Breeden cracks it with a left hand. Levy shoots again, but Breeden works against the cage. Levy locks the body back from a standing position and throws Breeden again. Levy lands one knee to her opponent’s body on the ground – and another. Breeden stands up. Levy lands a head kick, which is somewhat blocked, at the end of the round. Close, close round. 10-9 Sampling.

Round 2 – These two are already knocking. Breeden lands the first tricky combination but Levy fights back. No time wasted here in round two. Levy grabs Breeden’s leg and throws him back. Breeden moves to the cage and stands up. Levy dumps him again. Breeden gets up. Levy dumps him. Breeden stands up. Rinse and repeat. Quite the positional impasse. Levy can’t hold Breeden down, but Breeden can’t escape her grip in the clinch. Eventually, Breeden reverses his position against the fence. Now he relies on Levy. They split up and Levy rips a kick to the body. Levy fires again but this time Breeden stuffs it. Levy looks tired. Breeden knocks him down and pushes him back into the chain link. Breeden lets go and throws a bomb. Maybe it was a mistake because Levy just drilled him with a backlash. Breeden becomes aggressive. Levy lands a nice combination, complete with a kick to the body. Breeden is injured. He immediately grabbed her abdomen. No poker faces possible there. Levy smells it and throws a mean wheelie kick that smells. Breeden turns his back on him and gives up a labored takedown without much stepping back. Levy gets on top of him on the ground, but Breeden steps forward. Separated again, Breeden is back to move on. What a badass. Frankly, both. The round ends. 20-18 Levy.

Round 3 – Coach James Krause tells Breeden he’s losing and he apparently took those words to heart. Breeden pulls out guns and cracks Levy with combinations. Breeden brings it down and changes the levels of the hitting targets. Levy shoots and Breeden stuffs him. Levy slowly gets up and Breeden leaps up with another jumpsuit. Levy tries to grab a leg but Breeden breaks her hold. Levy is a bit of a sitting duck at this point. The energy gap is significant. Breeden lands a standing knee which seems to stun Levy. Rather than dive to the ground, Breeden opts to pick Levy up. Clever, because Levy seemed to be looking for a submission. Stand back, they trade good hands. Levy shoots for another sloppy takedown. Once again, Breeden pushes him away. Breeden uncorks a pair of body shots. Levy covers up and spins around. Breeden lands a standing elbow. Levy is beaten, tired, exhausted, but doesn’t want to give up. Breeden connects overhand right. Levy responds with a violent two-hit combination that drops Breeden. Wow! Out of nowhere. Breeden gets up and whips his face. His right eye wears it. Levy shoots again. No chance. Levy unloads another nasty combination on Breeden, who just eats it. This second wind came out of nowhere. Breeden ties Levy up, then decides to split up. Both wings punched to the final horn. What. A fight. It could be $50,000 for each man. 29-28 Levy.

Result: Natan Levy beats. Mike Breeden via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Folders: Mike Breeden (10-5 MMA, 0-2 UFC), Natan Levy (7-1 MMA, 1-1 UFC)
Division: Lightweight
Broadcast: ESPN2/ESPN+
Arbitrator: Mark Smith
Judgement: Mike Bell, Sal D’Amato (29-28, scoring third inning for Breeden); Adalaide Byrd (30-27)