Ulverston Women’s Institute celebrates 25 years of market success

Members of the Ulverston Women’s Institute celebrated 25 years of commercial success in the city in May 1995.

The Ulverston WI Weekly Market, founded in May 1970, reached its Silver Jubilee with a celebration at Coronation Hall.

The members celebrated their birthdays with a glass of sherry and a slice of birthday cake.

There, to cut the cake, was the former county volunteer market organizer Eileen Taylor, who is credited with setting up the market.

President Peggy Lawrence, WI Market’s First Treasurer, praised Ms. Taylor’s work: “She did all the research and got the market off the ground. ”

First President Joyce Harrison and First Secretary Janet Fletcher were also present at the celebrations.

Ms. Taylor said: “The success of the WI Marketplace has been absolutely splendid and beyond our imagination.”

One exhibit included photographs from the official opening of the market 25 years ago.

The Silecroft Village Hall was filled with a well-presented array of crafts and goods at the annual show hosted by the Women’s Institute in 1997.

The village show had been hosted by the WI for over 40 years and always took place on the fourth Wednesday in August.

Items ranged from vegetables and produce to photographs and impressive crafts.

The Silecroft Show judges were Peggy Stubbs, Bootle, for the baking and preserving; Eddie Hadwin, of Waberthwaite, for the produce class; Mrs. Hadwin, of Waberthwaite, for the flower section; Mary Ball for crafts and Gillian George of Bootle for children’s classes.

The winners were: B Taylor; produce: B Taylor; fruits and vegetables: J Watson; flowers: J Watson; crafts and knitting: J Cummings; needlework: M Jenkinson; children’s classes: Joséphine Pattinson and Daniele Sim; cut for most points in classes 53-66A: J Cummings.

Meanwhile, in 1990, members of the Westmorland WI Markets Group held their annual meeting at St Mary’s Social Center in Ulverston, as guests of Ulverston WI. Among those in attendance was Peggy Lawrence, WI National Federation Market Advisor.